Repair Cafe in Littleworth, Stafford 27th April 2019

Get your broken things ready to bring to another Repair Cafe in Stafford. The last one, in Holmcroft, had the most volunteer repairers attending, which was lucky because about 100 people showed up with broken items. Many were repaired and advice was given on the day. There are specialist repairers ready to look at items of all kinds including electrical, wooden items in need of expert gluing, knives and garden tools in need of sharpening, clocks, picture frames, mechanical items and clothing (repaired by our two expert sewers). Come and see if they repair your items before you throw them away. The idea is to stop so much waste going to landfill or incinerators, items that still have a use as was their original purpose or upcycled as for another use. If there is nothing you need repairing, come and enjoy some social time and have a drink and some food from St. John’s Church Hall cafe.

Repair Cafe Poster - Littleworth - 27th April 2019 copy

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