Programme Schedule


6pm – 8pm   In the Crowd with James Wallbank   (Listen Again)   (Facebook)
8pm – 10pm   Ska and Reggae with DJ Dekker and Guests   (Listen Again)



6pm – 8pm   Films and Musicals with Fina Evans   (Listen Again)   (Facebook)
8pm – 10pm   The No. 1 Folk Punk Show with Dave Clogmeister   (Listen Again)    (Facebook)



8pm – 10pm   Johnny Wah Rock Show   (Listen Again)



8pm – 10pm   Steve John’s Metal Show   (Listen Again)   (Facebook)



8pm – 10pm   Saturday Night Dance Party with Gav Edensor   (Listen Again)



10am – 12 noon   The Morning Show with Jon Arrowsmith   (Listen Again)
12 noon – 2pm   Rach and Rene’s Requestables   (Listen Again)   (Facebook)
2pm – 3pm   50’s and 60’s Mix
3pm – 4pm   Jazz at the Mill   (Listen Again)
4pm – 6pm   Ozzy Maidenfield is Live at the Mill   (Listen Again)   (Facebook)
6pm – 6.30pm   Stories from the Windmill with Lisa Fairy   (Listen Again)
6pm – 7pm   The What’s On Show   (Listen Again)
7pm – 9pm   Folk at the Mill with Ian Tiso   (Listen Again)