We Remember Them

Have you bought your poppy for this year yet? It is important that we support the Royal British Legion in their efforts to support service men and women and their families as they try to defend our country, and also to those who served before, including those who didn’t come home and those who came home with scars, both physical and emotional. We at Windmill Broadcasting are 100% against war, but we would not be without our army, air force and navy personnel, who keep us safe from those who believe war and violence is the answer to the problems of the world or those who follow power-mad leaders to help them achieve their crazy ambitions. We also salute the personnel who directly support our military, especially the medical employees who have treated wounds of all kinds and those charities who support our men and women after their service is over. On Sunday 11th November take a couple of minutes to spare a thought and appreciate what you have, why you have it and who has helped us all to live in a free country.Poppy

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